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We are Island View Hawaii, the original shark tour in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

To this day, we are the only local, Hawaiian, family-owned and operated tour in Haleiwa harbor.

We’re not here to exploit the sharks in these waters for adrenaline or Instagram. We’re here to share our culture and teach the necessary respect for marine life, the ocean, and all of Hawaii because it is as old and as beautiful as these sharks.

We are a family whose culture has been rooted in Hawaii for generations. Our practices have been passed down to us from our parents and grandparents.

Hawaiians navigated all of Polynesia using the stars. Each voyage was calculated and full of purpose. This incredible history was almost lost. One of the Hokulea’s first escort boats was the Mo’o.  

We bought the Mo’o from Nainoa Thompson, a master navigator for the Hokulea. When we first bought it, the boat was rotted and not running. Our dad David Berry did a ton of work on it to salvage it and get it back in the water—an actual labor of love. Island View Hawaii’s first tours were on the Mo’o.  

Our snorkel site, where we operate our tours, has been a spot our family has visited for over 60 years. It started with our Grandpa fishing for white crab. The traps used to catch white crabs are filled with bait to attract the crabs inside of them. When these traps are pulled up onto the boat, the crab is collected, and the bait is then thrown overboard. After a while, the sharks, being opportunists, caught on to this and started following our Grandpa’s boat, which was called the Huki.


Throughout the years, we would venture to this spot to see and swim with these sharks, learning about them and gaining experience with them and how they act in different situations. All of our knowledge is hands-on. By no means do we call ourselves marine biologists. This is just our culture and something we did growing up in our backyard. We eventually felt that this was an experience we could share with not only family and friends but with anyone from around the world.


We welcome all ages and all swimming capabilities. We do not discriminate. It is our kuleana, our responsibility, to spread our culture and teach respect to as many people as possible.

We are grateful we get to share this intimate Hawaiian experience with you. The moment you step on our boat, you become Ohana! 

We are Island View Hawai'i, a Feature by One Hawaii.


Watch full Feature on our One Hawaii Youtube Channel, Link below!

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